Frost Hollow

This book contains a rich variety of poems:

This smiling on film, this goodbye
fun, did you think you were going to be fed
still singing to lions? Well fine
if it gives you a buzz I suppose. A video's
certainly got the edge when it comes to ultimate
words. Can be shredded that's true — but it can't
be answered this side of a grave, and
another thing — when its recorded live
like this, well it sticks.
Re running a tape's like nicotine, an

The above is the first verse of THE CALMING OF EELS, 'For one who left her family to join a cult, and a few months later died in a collective suicide pact.'

Mandy Pannett's writing is optimistic and welcoming, and the book is a very pleasant read.

I particularly enjoyed OPEN LETTER TO OWEN GLENDOWER:

As I intruded then, light years ago, a student in a coffee bar,
a place of learning faced in glass, the gulls
of Swansea Bay — you would have liked
that gateway to the land of song, where boys
with pale hair and dirty feet made show
of being bards. Here was a town once ravaged by a war
where those who called themselves your Sons
brought fire against their foes, the purchasers
of second homes, where many still had none.
'Tawe, Tawe, Abertawe' — here was emotion in a chant,
a secret language you, the heir of Princedoms,
would have understood.

Doreen King. New Hope International